There are many games that can be played face to face. But what if you want to have some fun over a video call or Facetime? Because we all can understand that if talking to someone over a video call is something regular, soon it gets boring and ordinary. And to stop that boredom you can actually initiate some fun. Yes! To your surprise, there are Facetime Video Call Games or Skype or any random video call.

  • Boggle

Boggle has been around a while, which means that most of us have at least heard about it. This is a word game for any number of players. Each player has a piece of paper and a pen. On go, one player reveals the 4×4 grid of letters printed on dice to everyone. Each player attempts to create words from the dice in starting and ending in any direction. They just can’t use a die more than once for any given word. Players score points through having words no other player found. In other words, if two players both find the same word, it is crossed out and not counted toward their scores. The player with the most points after a given number of rounds wins.

  • Mastermind

Mastermind is a fun, two-player game that has been around for many years. In the mastermind, one player creates a four-color sequence that the other player is tasked with solving. The player solving the sequence must try various color combinations; after each combination guess, the sequence creator gives clues to the solver. A red peg is placed on the board if the player got a color in the right place. A white peg is given when a player guesses a correct color but in the wrong spot within the sequence. Eventually, the guessing player collects enough information to correctly input the right sequence of colors.

  • Patchwork Doodle

Patchwork Doodle is a Tetris-style game that builds on Uwe Rosenberg’s two-player smash hit Patchwork, says Amdisen-Cooke, adding that it’s “good fun for the whole family.” For online play, one player has to own a copy of the game and everyone else needs a sheet of graph paper on hand to draw. The cards are laid out on a table, each with a specific shape drawn on it, and a dice roll determines which card players get to draw. The main objective is to fit the shapes into the overall puzzle, “creating as few gaps and empty spaces as possible.” To make it even more interesting, each player has several special abilities they can use “to fill their board, make shapes fit, or even choose different shapes,” he explains.

  • Just One

Two of our experts suggested Just One, which also took a spot on our best party games list. The game recently won the prestigious 2019 Spiel des Jahres, or German Game of the Year, and is “well suited for parties and families,” says Amdisen-Cooke. The main objective is for players to help their teammates guess a word by suggesting, as the title suggests, just one word as a hint. However, “the catch is that if several players write the same clue, those clues are canceled out,” so it’s not as simple as it sounds, says Amdisen-Cooke. A correct answer scores your team one point, while a wrong answer docks two points. To adjust the game for online play, one player would need to own a physical copy of the game, and everyone else just needs something to write on. You could even use a shared Google Doc, says Montgomery. Obviously, the host would not be able to play as a guessing player, “since they would see every word,” but could give hints.